My dear customer,
if we would be one company
how would we go
to the market differently?

Why introducing the “one company mindset” changes everything in a customer-supplier relationship and will produce radically different results!

Customers as a Business Strategy

Competition can copy your products. Competition can copy your services. The only thing they cannot copy is the relationships you have! You will invent the future together with your customers and build a platform for sustainable, improved results.

Sustainable Year Over Year % Growth of P&L

The two biggest line items in your P&L are 3rd party sales and input costs. A shame to leave control over them entirely to the sales and procurement departments. When managing customers or suppliers strategically, you will regain control over those items. Year over year % growth will come as you build the business together with your top customers.

Disproportionate Influence

When experts talk with experts the relationship moves from debating positions towards resolving issues. Having deep relationships across the functions and levels will make you look different in the eyes of your customers and create disproportional influence in their decision making.

Different Results

Our approach will change the dynamic of the relationship right at the start. It will increase share, get quick wins, get access to new opportunities. Aligning systems and processes will de-risk the business by increased visibility. Working under a “one company mindset” will drive cultural change and produce results at the same time!

Better People

Peer group learning will help individual and institutional capability building. Most importantly it will create a new breed of “customer general managers” with a new skill set to manage the overall relationships. Senior leadership will become more externally orientated and leverage their positions. Ultimately it will allow for commercialising the entire organisation.

Our clients


Connect2win founder Michael Weller is a regular coach in the “Global Account Manager Certification Program (GCP)”, an executive education program at the Competence Center for Global Account Management (CGAM) at St. Gallen University, where participants develop a Certification Thesis (real-life customer value creation case) as part of their final exam.

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